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Tarek Alaaddin GetYourWebsiteREADY.com

“You Might be Wondering, I Don’t Know You, so Why Should I Work With You?”

Dear Friend,

First, I would like to thank you for stopping by my website.

Me and Team are delighted that you wanted to check us out.

My name is Tarek Alaaddin, and I would like to have a very open conversation with you.

I want to introduce myself to you, and explain to you exactly what I do, my standards,
and it is up to you to give me and my team a try.

I am a Computer Science Graduate from the University of Houston, and have been a Web Developer for past 15 Years, and I have worked on TENS of websites and Web Applications, and I have helped tens of people with their website and web application needs, whether by me working on them personally, consulting with them, or giving them advice on how to best achieve and make Money Making Websites.

Now you might be saying the following:

“I don’t know you, I never heard of you, and I have no reason to trust you.”

And that’s a very valid point.

You are probably wondering if a company you never heard of can do anything for you and help you get an amazing looking, money-making website?

Now I KNOW you probably never heard of me before, but we hope you give me a hearing… and get to know me…

I just want you to be fair…and I ask you to give me a call and talk to me…

And yes I am a Small Business, we are relatively new, young and you haven’t heard of me or my company before, but because we are new and not famous yet ;-) , this means we are going to work harder than anyone to WIN your TRUST, and get YOUR BUSINESS. I GUARANTEE IT…..

“We are not #1 but we try harder”..

Here is what me and my team believe in:
1) WE are in the business of serving you, and meeting your needs , and making sure that you are 100% SATISFIED
2) Service with us, is not just a word, but a way of operating with YOU in mind
3) All our Team, are trained to adhere to this ONLY STANDARD with SERVING YOU IN MIND, and make you achieve your Website Needs
4) We work hard to ensure that you are ALWAYS WELL SERVED; and that this standard is ALWAYS IMPROVED meaning finding better ways to make things EASIER and more CONVENIENT for YOU, and NEW Cutting Cost METHODS, are enthusiastically ADOPTED, so we can give you what you NEED in the Lowest Price Possible, that’s Fair for Both of US

And REMEMBER all our WORK comes with NO QUESTIONS ASKED 30 Days Money Back Guarantee.

And by the way the above statement, is a very BOLD statement, because we Believe in our Work, and we know, that we can get you the Amazing Looking, Money Making and Prospect Generating Website that you need.

So if you really WANT a Money Making Website, a website, with your customers in mind, please fill out the form below, and let’s talk and see how we can get started…

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