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Don’t be like my friend Bob…

Is Your Website Working for You? Do you know, how to Convert Visitors to Customers?

Get a Free 30 Minutes, so that, you can learn, why your website is not being the best Sales Person for You, that should be selling 24 hours 7 days a week, even while you are sleep.

  • Not Enough Traffic to Your Website

    I will show you 3 different ways of getting traffic, 2 of them almost instantly.

  • No One is Buying from Your Website

    I will show, why People Are Not Buying, hint may be they are too distracted?

  • Your Website is very very slow

    I will explain to you, 3 reasons why your website is very slow, and how to fix that.

  • Mobile Responsive Pages

    Do you know, that Google is Penalizing Websites, that aren’t mobile friendly?


I want my Free Consultation NowI need help, getting feedback about my website


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So here is the story…

So here is the story, two weeks ago, Bob, called me, and talked to me about his website. See me and Bob, are just friends, we are not super close, like he is not my secrets keeper :-).

We don’t usually talk about business stuff, mostly since we meet on the Weekends, and we just chill and talk about kids and family. Bob sounded, very depressed and worried. Because he just spent lots of money on his website, few months ago, and he said, that he feels like it is gone to waste, and he didn’t see any return of his investment.

Bob didn’t know, that I do website and development, since we were introduced like a month ago. After he explained to me, how much he spent, and what did he got, I told him, that I would have designed the same thing, for almost 30% of what he paid, but anyway, I reviewed his website, and give him some feedback, and I asked one my team members to do some changes, which gave an astonishing results.

In few weeks, Bob’s website, definitely improved, and he started getting a steady stream of leads, daily, which helped him increase his sales by almost 26% in comparison to the previous month. I am sure if Bob’s story resonated with you, then you are in the same boat. And here is what I want to do….. I want to help you the same way I helped my friend.

For the Month of May Only…. I got some free time, and I wanted to see if you need help. I won’t be selling you anything, you will only hear suggestions and solutions. If you decided that you need me to help you, and implement some of those suggestions, then that’s where I come in. This call, is solely about you and your website.

It might be the most useful 30 Min for your business.

I can help make your site better, faster, and easier to use. My focus is on improving usability and helping you get more leads, customers, promote your product or service, and definitely make more money

How it works

You can either tell me specific problems you want me to solve, or ask me for a general assessment. You can tell me to review specific areas or pages in your website, or ask me to take a look at the entire site.

Before you begin troubleshooting or solving any problem, you need to determine what the problem is, exactly. Unless you know the problem, there is nothing to solve. This too is a part of what I can do for you.

You tell me the symptoms, I find the problem. Then I give you easy to understand, step by step instructions about solving the problem. It’s not necessary to ask for a review only after your website design is complete. You can ask for a review after your site is live, or while your site is just a rough paper based specification or an early prototype. An independent review is useful at any stage.

What you will get

  • The report will include a list of suggestions and recommendations.
  • Each suggestion will be accompanied by an explanation of why it’s useful.
  • I will also include screenshots of your site, wherever it is necessary to point out specific places I am talking about.

Well, that’s it. Stuff that you can actually read, implement and use, not something that makes me look busy. Sometimes these instructions will be easy to implement. Sometimes they will require a lot of work. But then, nothing worth doing is easy, right? :-) If you need any clarifications, feel free to ask. If you need help implementing any of my suggestions, I am always at your service.

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I want my Free Consultation NowI need help, getting feedback about my website

Consultation TipRemember my Motto, is Win Win or No Deal. You will learn some cost saving shortcuts and techniques, that will save you lots of Money.

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