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If You Are Curious How I Can Help You With Your New  Website, so You Can Generate More Leads, Customers, and Get More Clients, Then This Special Offer is Made FOR YOU…

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Dear Friend Seeking Reasonably Priced, Impressive Looking and High Quality Website Design,

I want to help you with your next Website Design so that YOU Get More Clients, and Prospects, Sell More Products and Services, Double Your Sales, and Achieve your Business Goals, that You Set for 2018…

Here is what you are going to get by working with me, and how I am going to help you achieve your Goals Faster And at the same time, get more power and influence in your market, and promote your products and services, and establish a more reputable, respected website, that scares your competitors, earn the trust and the confidence of your clients.

1) High Quality Custom Design Website: I am very passionate about what I do, and I take pride with everything I do, and if I have the slightest feeling that you are not happy and pleased with what I provided I take that very personally, and I will go the extra mile to make sure that  you are happy and satisfied. So I use the Best Platform on Earth, to design your website, we use WordPress. So you can get amazing custom looking design, and at the same time, get the flexibility and the control to do anything you want to do with it, from adding/updating/deleting pages, managing your blog and the message, and controlling your brand.

2) Reasonable Prices: I am offering you one of the most reasonably priced service in the industry, and I mean it. Many similar designers, sell the same websites for double my price, or even more. I think I am almost the lowest in price now…(Based on my research).  If Money is an issue for you, then you are in the right place, so keep on reading…I offer the lowest prices, and if you think about the value and the business and the money you will be able to generate through your website, and how it is important to your business, believe me my cost will be almost to NOTHING.

You might be wondering why my prices are so LOW? 

1) I always try to come up to Innovative and Creative ways, to cut our cost, we designed 10s of those WordPress websites, so now we have a process that we follow, and it is very efficient, so between me and my designers, we know, what we need to do, and we do it so quickly so that you can what you want in the fastest way possible. Thus pass those great savings to you.

2) I am a virtual business, so I don’t have the burden, of paying rent, and office expenses, all my work is done virtually, and thanks to the internet, and technology, that made it so much easier for me and you to communicate, show, and demonstrate what I can do for you, regardless where you are, and what time it is.

3) I am not greedy….:-) , and I want to take my business to the next level, and I know, I can do this, by having you come on board, and I know, that when you are happy and satisfied, you will refer other clients to me, and that by volume, and by providing quality not quantity I can help you and help myself. And when you achieve your goals, I will achieve mine. My goal with every transaction, is win win or no deal. If you won’t win and get the best offer and value out of me, then it is no DEAL between me and you.

3) Don’t like dealing with technical stuff If Website Design seems like a black box for you, then don’t worry  I am going to walk you step by step, through the process, and hold your hands and show how everything is done. You will learn so much through this process, and you will not only see how I design websites, but I will show you how to cater your message, on your new website, so you can get the best results, possible, and I will give you some of my personal insights about Internet Marketing, and Website Promotion. you will be involved in the process as well so you are learning as the process is going along. Everything will be done in STRESS FREE Communication.

4) Great communication If you send me an email, you will get a response, if you call me, you will get a call back, this is how I function personally, and in business.

5) Make your thoughts a REALITY Translated on REAL LIVE WEB PAGES, so one thing, our customers, like when working with me, is that I take my time, and listen. And that’s what I plan to do, with you, is listen to you, understand exactly what you want, and make what you have in mind, make it as a true live amazing looking website, that you always envisioned, and may be better.

6) I will get your website LIVE, UP and RUNNING QUICKLY…Once we get the design Locked Down, the development time, should be a ONE TO THREE business days….MEANING, Your Website Will be LIVE, FAIRLY QUICKLY.

And…to sum it all up for you….You Are Going to Get a Professional Looking Website, Where Your Prospects or Clients, Navigate Through it With Ease. All at a very Reasonable Investment…And Yes You Should Think of Your Website Design as an INVESTMENT not an EXPENSE.

For these reasons it’s no wonder why my website design services sells so fast…But there’s more…If you don’t have a website, or your website is badly designed, or not doing what it is supposed to be doing, then here is what you are messing out..

1) Your Website can be doing the Selling For You 24X7, and your website will be always accessible and up and running, to provide your valuable customers, or prospects, with what they need. It is like the sales person that doesn’t sleep. With your website, your customers can easily access information about your business. They can see what products or services you sell, your prices, your location and much more. Whatever you decide to tell them, they can find it with a few clicks of a mouse.

Here is a Fact: “A blog or your new website is a great way to create content on an ongoing basis, converse with your customers and prospects, and educate them on why they should work or buy from you.”

2) Most Searches for Products and Services Starts Online, so if you are not online, or you don’t have a good presence represented by your informative website, you are losing lots of credibility among your prospects and leads. Me personally if I talk to someone, regarding their product or service, and I ask them, if I can read more about them online, and they tell me that they don’t have a website. I just get this weird feeling, that something is not right. And I feel wary about trusting this person or this business.

Here is a Fact: “79 % of Online Shoppers Spend 50% of Their Time Researching and Looking for Information Online.

3) You Will be Missing out On Free Advertising and Publicity, You may think of the advantages of a website in terms of advertising and publicity for your business. Your costs of having a business website is actually quite low, with what I am about to offer you, with an affordable website design, a suitable domain name and good quality web hosting and you’re ready to go. The ongoing costs are minimal, but the potential return on investment could be quite significant. Think of your business website in terms of advertising for your business and you’ll be more likely to see the value.

Here is a Fact: “Google and Other Search Engines, Are the New Yellow Pages, so If You Don’t Have a Website, You are Missing Out on New Leads and New Business.”

4) Securing Your Brand Online, Having a website for your business is not just a plus or  advantage; it’s an essential way to protect your business brand online. Claim your business on the internet or someone else will!  There is a risk that if you don’t have a business website and secure a domain name relevant to your business then someone else will do it for you, and take it away from you. The act of Cyber-squatting is now less prevalent since the introduction new laws to combat it, but there is still a risk of someone innocently taking your preferred domain name. Others who are jealous of you or angry against your business might use a website or social media accounts to damage your business reputation. Getting there first will allow you to protect and secure your business brand online. And don’t think your facebook page, or your linked in page, is good enough, this is not the brand that your clients, customers, or prospects want to see.

Does all These Reasons Tell You Something? Does any Resonate With You?

And before I share with you, all what I am going to offer you in my “Full Complete Website Package“, watch the video below for some of my previous work.

Here is the Best Offer You Can GET:

Checkmark Assistance to Get and Setup Your Domain Name, That’s Basically Your .com Name, I will make sure, that you get a domain name that Captures Attention, and Make Your Prospect or Customer Know Exactly What Your Business is About, and What You Can DO FOR THEM. ($45 value)

Checkmark One Year Free Hosting On ME – Yes I will Take Care of Your Hosting, so You Don’t Have to Worry About it, The Web Host is the Place Where Your Website Will Reside, This Will Be Monitored and Managed by me 24*7 to Make Sure That Your Website is Always UP and RUNNING.

Checkmark Amazing Custom Designed Website, with Easy Navigation, Following the Highest Quality Standards, so you can Get Your Vision Materialized on The Internet, Establish Your Brand, and Get More Clients and Prospects, Sell or Show Your Product or Service, and Increase Your Sales. ($1199 value)

Checkmark You Will Have the Ability to Add/Edit/Update/Delete Unlimited Pages, so you Don’t Have to Rely On Anyone to Manage and Control Your Content. If you have a new offer, or a new Product, you can Add it to your Website within 5 minutes, and Start Promoting it. (PRICELESS)

Checkmark Blog Setup With a Design That Matches Your ALL Overall Website Design, so you can publish Informative and Useful Content To Your Prospects so You Can Get and Attract More Customers. ($99 value)

Checkmark Google Analytics Setup, so You Can KNOW, Who is Coming to your website, and What Pages They Are Looking at, and Figure OUT Where They are COMING FROM. ($49 value)

Checkmark Google APPS setup, I will setup Google Apps With Your Domain Name, so You Can Have Access To Google’s Suite of Productivity Tools such as GMail, Docs, and Calendar. ($89 value)

Checkmark 2 Free 30 Min Sessions to Show You How To Manage Everything on Your Website, and How to Take Advantage of the Platform Capability, and What to do after You Have your Website Launched.  ($79 value)

Checkmark Free $100 worth of Ads by Google AdWords, so you can start spreading the word about your new website today, and start getting LEADS and CUSTOMERS to your New Website as Soon as It is Ready.  ($100 value)

Checkmark 30 Days Warranty, so You Can Make Sure that Everything is Working and Functioning According to Your Liking. ($299 Value)

Checkmark 1 Year Free Email Support, in case if you have any questions, or need help with anything. (PRICELESS)

Now Think About It:

If  you add up all what I am offering above the Total Price WILL BE Over $1600, but for a limited time, and if I want to be generous like other website design firms claim to be may be I can sell it for $1299….

But NO, I am offering all the ABOVE with an AMAZING PRICE of $899….

Yes $899…..

I am giving you a Full Package Complete Service that takes you from nothing, to a fully functional business, Not Just a Website, I am giving a Full Suite of tools and advice, that will help your business, and establish your online credibility.

Think about this Investment, how much is it worth to you? How many customers you can get with having an amazing looking lead generating website? How much will one sale online, bring back to you?

Now do the math…..and see how much this will this investment be worth to you in terms of the life of your business.

And I understand that you got many options, and many offers, but in this day and age, everything can be done and communicated, through email and phone.

I have been designing websites since 1999, and I got a team, who helps me and support me, so I am not alone.

In the case of any problem, I am an email or phone call away..

You can email me at [email protected], and You will always get a response, or you can call at 512-553-3677 and you will get an answer.

Plus you got a 30 days money back guarantee so you give me a test, and see if I perform according to your expectations.


SO you really got nothing to lose, and I take pride of my work, and quality very personally….

Plus I use the highest quality hosting, and the highest quality platforms, that suits your needs, to minimize all the chances of outages, and to be always be up and running. And I don’t want to oversell you, and make you sign up for things, that you don’t need, and will never benefit from.

Think of me, as your business friend, who wants to make sure that you succeed, because I am going to succeed if you do, and that will increase my exposure and my business as well, with your success.

If all the above is not sufficient for you, let me know, what it takes to do business with you, and I will do my best to exceed your expectations.

In order for me to maintain the highest quality standards, I only work on a very few websites every month, to make sure that I can give you the one on one treatment that you deserve, so if you see the form below, then chances are that I am still available and will be able to help you get your website ready.

So Don’t Delay, if You See the Form Below, Submit Your Deposit, of $299, and I am Going to Call You to Get Started, or Call Me @ 512-553-3677

If You Have Any Further Questions, Please Leave me a Message Below, 

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What is Going to Happen Next?

1) I will call you Within 1 Business Day, and Will discuss Your Website Needs and What You Trying to do, and See if We are Fit for Each Other.

2) Assuming We Are Going to Work Together. In a Few Days, I am going to show you 2-3 Mock ups, Based on Our Conversation.

3) You Select the Closest Mock UP that Resembles what you have in mind….And if None is close to what you wanted, will come up with another 2 Mock ups for you. Till WE GET IT RIGHT, and We Capture What’s IN Your Mind.

4) Once You Choose a  Mock UP that is close to what you have in mind, then, We Will continue to improve on it based on your feedback

5) Once the Design is Locked Down, meaning, that You Approved it, for the Next Step, which is taking that Image, and Transforming into a Real LIVE Web Page, and then to a Fully Amazing WordPress Website, so You Can Edit, Add, or Update your Content.

6) Once the Design is LOCKED, the Development Time, and Conversion time is Fairly Quickly – and you will see your website, coming alive, and becoming a real web page, in a matter of few days – 3 or 4 business days, depending on the complexity.

I am looking forward to work with you, and please don’t hesitate to call me, if you have any questions, and if anything is not clear through this letter.

Tarek Alaadin Signature

Remember We Offer 30 Days Money Back Guarantee, and We Got Website Plans To Get You Online As Soon as Possible, and To Make You LOOKING GOOD. Regardless Your Budget and Your Skill Level. Check Out Our Offerings, or CALL 512-553-3677