Website Maintenance Service

Why it is IMPORTANT:
  • Your Business Website is an investment, that needs to be protected and maintained.
  • Your Website is the first thing your customers or clients sees about you in the virtual world, so if your website is not running at optimal performance, and always up and running, can really affect your reputation.
  • New Security Risks and Issues are being discovered everyday, so WE NEED to be READY.
  • Just like your car requires an oil change every few months, your website, needs a maintenance, as well.
Here is what I am going to do for you in my “Website Maintenance Cleaning Package”

1) Update Website Installations, and Plug-ins:

and make sure that they are all up to date, and working and functioning properly. As you know, updates, are necessary to add extra features, and to cover security holes.

Most of the updates, are to close security loop holes.

2) Install and Update Security:

Recently, one of my other client websites got hacked, and her website was used
to produce SPAM to other websites, and sending spammy emails,
to the point, that Web Hosting Company, took her website down,
till they make sure that her website is clean, and up to date.
Although I recommended this package to her months ago, and she declined.
I don’t want this to happen, to you, and that’s why I want to make
sure that only legitimate people, can log in and can access the dashboard,
and if someone else, tries to, I want to me and you to be notified.

3) Also configure a Login Log….

where it keeps a log, of everyone that logs in to the website.

4) Make a Backup of Your Website:

and Save it in a Secure Location, Just in Case anything happens.

5) Install a new feature, that prevents comment SPAM…

SPAMMY comments that don’t relate to the actual blog post, those are just sitting there and taking up resources.
And also they can affect your Search Engine and Search Engine Optimization Effort.

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