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Do you Need Your Own Custom Made, Membership, Bilingual Website, and Event Website?

Do you want a Membership Website, where you can protect your Special Content, and ONLY registered Members Can see?

And you want full control, and full access, to Membership administration, so you can enable and disable member accounts, so that you can be really in charge of who can see and read your valuable MEMBER ONLY CONTENT? And you can also setup different membership levels so that you can in control to what each membership level can see and can have access to ?

Do You want, fully featured multilingual website, that support English, French, Chinese, Japanese, and many other languages and have  full automated language translation to over 58 languages?

Do you want a website, where you just to have to worry about just producing content, so that you can focus on just the high leverage activity, of your business, and can easily and quickly able to edit, update pages, as easy as word documents?

I would like to introduce, GIE Tahiti Pearl Auction, which is our latest Website Design Creation.

This website, was designed with ease and simplicity in mind, for one purpose, only, is to provide honest and integrity auctions, for pearl sellers and buyers from all around the world.

The site features, two membership levels, Buyers, and Sellers. Sellers, will have their own content, that’s specially produced for them, and the same goes for buyers. Both Membership Levels, will have their own special content that is catered to them, and at the same time, each level, CANNOT see other membership level content.

Also I would like to add that this website, features a fully featured Event Calendar, where different Event Information are posted, to inform pearl buyers and sellers, about future auctions.

All the above is managed, from a Easy to use Dashboard, so that you can manage your entire operation, quickly and easily.

Do you need your own membership site? Don’t worry.. I always make it easy for you, don’t worry about the techincal stuff, remember your job, is to focus on what you do best, and leave the rest of the work, on me and my team.

We will create your own custom design website, that reflects your taste, your style, and the needs of your audience, all using a proven step by step method, that we created, called “the website divide and conquer” , so that you can lead  the website creation with you, and at the same time, and you will learn about what it takes to make your website a success.

Remember my goal, is not just to create a website for you, and I am GONE… I want to help you take your SUCCESS to the Next Level, because that makes me feel better, and ALSO, I consider your success, is part of my success.

If you don’t believe me, check the Testimonials on the right of this PAGE, and you will see actual words, that was written by my previous Business Friends, who I designed their websites.

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