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6 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Design Your Website

Most people, go about doing things, without really thinking the reasons why they are doing such a thing. Just because others did it, or others have it, we think that we might have an idea, or belief, about the reasons why.

It is wise to stop and think about, understand, and ask ourselves, what are we trying to do, and what goals are we trying to accomplish with whatever we do.

The Same goes for website design. You need to stop and ask yourself, why do you need a website?

What are the goals that this website will need to accomplish for you?

First you really need to understand, that your website, need to be a powerful business tool. And like anything in business, this tool is an investment, that should generate a return to your business, otherwise it is just a loss of Money, and could have a negative impact on you and your business.

Knowing the big WHY, and the purpose of this tool, will be a great help for designing it to accomplish that goal, and will provide you a better strategy for your business.

If you apply the techniques that I am going to share with you in this post, you will be able to get more power and influence, because you will be able to create the website, that can influence others to take action, because you already know the purpose of your website, and what it is supposed to do. And also, you will be able to appeal to the the needs and desires, of your prospect, because you already thought about them, and you will be able to resonate better with them, and your prospects they feel that they that they like you, respect you, because they will know right away, that this website was designed for them. And finally answering the questions below, you will be able to accomplish your goals, and achieve more out of your website, and your website will not become just an expense, that you report a the end of the tax year, NO…but it will be a great asset, that will help you accomplish and achieve the success you want out of your business.

And not thinking about those questions, will make you feel, like your aiming in the dark, walking blind, not sure what is going to happen next. And your prospects, that this website is not designed for them, is not resonating for them, and they will feel that you are not able to relate to them, because this website, is more about you, and not them, and doesn’t communicate directly with them. Also, to add, you won’t be able to accomplish the goals that you set out to achieve for your business, and the hard earned cash that you spent on that website, will feel just a waste of money, and it will be another business loss, that you will claim on your taxes at the end of the year.

I read before, that having a bad advertisement, is worse that NOT HAVING an advertisement. Because your new website, will create first impression, and if the first impression, is not positive, it will definitely have a negative impact on how your prospects perceive you, and your product or service.

These questions, are designed to direct your mind, towards your goals, and craft a long term strategy, that will help you achieve your goals. It is almost like a blueprint, of one of the most important marketing tools, in this day and age.

Here are the questions:

1) What is the Goal of your new Website? or why do you need to redesign your new website?

In other words, when it is working great, what it is supposed to be doing?

That’s the first question obviously. What’s the purpose of this website, what it is supposed to be doing?

Is it supposed to educate your prospects about your products or service?

Is it supposed to help you sell your product or service?

Is it supposed to be a lead generating tool? or just a brochure to show case your product or service.

Is it supposed to motivate your prospects to call you?

2) Who are you trying to please with this website? (In other words who is your target prospect)

Are you trying to please your boss? or your customer?

Who is your prospect? What are her fears and frustrations?

What are her wants and aspirations?

Are you addressing their needs, or you are addressing YOUR needs.

What language they speak? what age group they belong to ?

What they want to accomplish out of your product or service?

3) Who are the decision makers for your website project?

Are they qualified to take on this responsibility?

Are they able to communicate effectively with the web designer, and execute the project all the way to completion?

Do they have the time, and patience to explain things in detail to the web designer, to avoid confusion and misunderstanding?

4) Are you telling your story ?

Everyone has a story, your story can inspire your prospect. Make sure that you mention the story.

You don’t have to mention it in words, but it can be reflected in the website design,  which relates to your prospect, and also explain to your prospect, why they should do business with you? What benefits you deliver.

And try to explain everything in a very detailed specific statements that prevents misunderstanding or confusion.

5) What kind of Website you are looking for?

Are you looking for an Informational site, basically a website that just provides information, to your prospect, and help educate them?

Are you looking for a website that sells physical products? Where you going to need a shipping module, to calculate shipping cost etc?

Are you looking for a website that serves as a digital brochure for all your products or services?

Are you looking for a membership website, to offer some kind of training, all delivered online?

6) How much you want to invest on your new website?

Now as I mentioned to you earlier, that your new website should be considered as an investment. In order to figure out, how much you are willing to consider to spend on your new website, you need to think of the advantages, and what’s your return on investment, with this tool.

Here are 4 Reasons Why You Should Have Your Own Website NOW:

1)  Your Website can be doing the Selling For You 24X7, and your website will be always accessible and up and running, to provide your valuable customers, or prospects, with what they need. It is like the sales person that doesn’t sleep. With your website, your customers can easily access information about your business. They can see what products or services you sell, your prices, your location and much more. Whatever you decide to tell them, they can find it with a few clicks of a mouse.

2) Most Searches for Products and Services Starts Online, so if you are not online, or you don’t have a good presence represented by your informative website, you are losing lots of credibility among your prospects and leads. Me personally if I talk to someone, regarding their product or service, and I ask them, if I can read more about them online, and they tell me that they don’t have a website. I just get this weird feeling, that something is not right. And I feel wary about trusting this person or this business.

3) You Will be Missing out On Advertising and Publicity, You may think of the advantages of a website in terms of advertising and publicity for your business. Your costs of having a business website is actually quite low, with what I am about to offer you, with an affordable website design, a suitable domain name and good quality web hosting and you’re ready to go. The ongoing costs are minimal, but the potential return on investment could be quite significant. Think of your business website in terms of advertising for your business and you’ll be more likely to see the value.

4) Securing Your Brand Online, Having a website for your business is not just a plus or  advantage; it’s an essential way to protect your business brand online. Claim your business on the internet or someone else will!  There is a risk that if you don’t have a business website and secure a domain name relevant to your business then someone else will do it for you, and take it away from you. The act of Cyber-squatting is now less prevalent since the introduction new laws to combat it, but there is still a risk of someone innocently taking your preferred domain name. Others who are jealous of you or angry against your business might use a website or social media accounts to damage your business reputation. Getting there first will allow you to protect and secure your business brand online. And don’t think your facebook page, or your linked in page, is good enough, this is not the brand that your clients, customers, or prospects want to see.

So considering all the above reasons….How much is above worth to you?

Think about the ability of doing the selling for you 24*7, think about the lead and prospects, who found you first online, and then purchased your product or service.

I totally understand, that website design, can be intimidating business, especially in the beginning. But my goal, is to make it as easy as possible for you to make a decision, throughout the design process, all the WAY to GOING LIVE. Checkout, one of our website packages, and contact me, for a FREE consultation, NOW. And lets’ start and Get Your Website READY TODAY…..


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