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3 Questions to ask yourself to make your HomePage More Effective

Homepage or lading page, typically is the first page, that your customer or prospect see when visiting your website.

You have only few seconds, from the moment they see your website, on their browser to make a decision, whether they would like to know more about you, or simply click away.

If you apply those 3 questions, that I am going to share with you. Your homepage or landing page, will become more influential and have more power to capture your customers or prospects attention. Also your customer or prospect will feel strong bond or connection with you, because they feel that you understand them, and that you get them. And finally your homepage will accomplish what it supposed to accomplish which is getting you more customers, leads and prospects, which will make your website, act like a lead generating machine that get you business and leads 24 hours 7 days a week. So that your website, will act like your loyal sales person.

And if you didn’t pay attention to your website homepage and to the questions below , your homepage and your website, will fail of influencing your prospects, and it will be just a page, that doesn’t mean anything and will fail to influence your leads or your prospects to become curious to learn more about what you do and what you offer.

Also if your homepage design is really bad, your prospect will be visiting your site, but not sure if what you are offering is actually for them…Meaning they don’t know, what you can do for them, and how you can help them. They will feel disconnected from you, and that you don’t understand them.

And finally, a bad homepage, will result of you losing lots of business and failing to get more customers, which results in you failing of accomplishing your business goals, because you are not getting enough leads and customers, which can result in you losing your business, and losing lots of money.

The questions that I am going to share with you, are so intuitive and easy to answer, but they are super important, to make connection with your prospect right away, and capture your lead’s attention, and make them understand what you can do for them.

Question # 1 who is your website for?

You want to communicate right away, who is your website for, and who is your message targeting.

The more specific the better.

Examples : Are you communicating to men or women ?

Are you communicating to People who are looking to rent or buy ?

Are you talking to Engineers – keep in mind – engineers is not specific enough, so may be you should say, Civil Engineer, Software Engineer, or Petroleum engineer.

May be you can have a headline that says – attention to Small Business Owners – who are just starting their business.

Keep in mind, it is OK to alienate your non prospects, like if your prospect is ONLY women, it is OK to alienate men, since they will never buy your product, or use your service.

Or if you are talking to software engineers, it is OK to alienate civil engineers.

The more specific, on who is your prospect the more you are going to connect with your right prospect, who will eventually hire you or buy your product or service.

Question # 2 What do you exactly offer your prospect?

Now I want you to think about your product or service, do and how it can make their life easier. Think about the benefit, they will get working with you, compared to others, all using the phrase “you are going to get”.

Examples : Looking for a Younger Skin with no Acne in 7 Days or Less?

You looking for a New Website Designer ?

Are you looking for an Affordable Website Designer, Who will get your project done on time, with no hassles and frustration?

See the above statements, tells your prospects, what you can do for them.

Listen your prospects are bombarded with hundreds of messages every day, most of them are just noise to your prospects, and you don’t want your website, to be just noise,  you want it to be like a drum that wakes them up, and communicate effectively to them, that you have something very valuable and important to them.

Question # 3,  What’s the next step?

Or what’s the call to action. Meaning what they have to do, to move to the next step?

In my case as a web designer, my call to action, is to schedule a free consultation button. If you are selling a younger skin lotion, may be your call to action, is a clear big obvious button, that says order now.

Your prospect don’t know, what to do, and not all of them are savvy enough to guess what’s the next step. You have to make it amazingly easy to take your communication, and move your relationship with them to the next step. Make it dead simple, and take the guess out, and your homepage will definitely be more effective.


So as you can see these are just 3 simple questions, that I personally believe if you communicate the answers on your home page, you will increase your leads, and your homepage will appear more authentic and helpful. You can communicate the answers through text, video, or images, but some how they have to know, the answers, regardless what medium you choose to communicate.

If you want me to help you draft a magnetic message, along with an amazing looking website that capture your prospect’s attention then please contact me, or schedule a free 30 min consultation. Trust me, after our conversation, whether we decided to work with each other or not, you are going to get lots of great insights, that will help you make the right decision.

And I will talk to you soon.











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